Where Science,
Sea and Illusions

A journey to discover marine wonders through illusions

Welcome to this underwater world, suspended between the depths of the ocean and the surface of illusion. The challenge of this exhibition is to draw attention to the importance of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations by 2030, concerning marine habitats and their resources in particular.

Exploring the exhibition spaces through technological tools and surprising optical devices, you will have access to some of the marvellous illusions of the oceans from all around the globe. 

You will float among schools of fish or next to sharks, swim in tropical shallow waters and dive into the most inaccessible depths. 

You will often be asked to challenge yourself through your senses, your knowledge and, above all, by reflecting on what you will observe. To maintain the fragile and wonderful balance of these amazing habitats, the Oceans need everybody’s help: including yours!

Dive into IllusiOcean. The journey begins.