Marine Illustrations

The visual key of IllusiOcean

Illusions and marine habitats. Two apparently distant worlds that required a common, recognizable language, able to bond together the different elements of the exhibition.

How to create an authentic and homogeneous visual experience of IllusiOcean? Once set aside the extreme realism of photography and softened by the geometry of illusions, fish and species  turn into abstract shapes deprived of their most concrete details, but still with realistic patterns.

This research has given rise to a new graphic synthesis, based on the power of the gaze: the common element between scientific analysis, illusion and art.

The Visual Designer Alessandro Vairo is the author of this interpretation. An artist that has created a hybrid style, halfway between a scientific illustration and a modern and minimal design, characterized by the stylization of the natural shapes through geometry.

In his illustrations, lines cross, figures merge, creating a unique identity from infinite surfaces, materials and shades. An instant yet impressive glance, where details run along the silhouette of a whale shark or among the sinuous tentacles of a jellyfish.

Alessandro Vairo biography

Alessandro Vairo is a freelance professional with twenty years of experience in the field of visual communication. 

Professor at the graphic design course at the International School of Comics in Brescia. He also works as an analogue and digital illustrator and develops projects ranging from branding to concept creation.